Fuji Heavy Industries plans to change its name to Subaru in April, 2017

Fuji Heavy Industries announces plan to change name to Subaru to commemorate 100-year anniversary

At a May 12 financial meeting, Fuji Heavy Industries’ president Yasuyuki Yoshinaga revealed that in April 2017 the company plans to change its name to Subaru. In June, the company will try to gain the approval at a general meeting of stockholders.

According to Yoshinaga, 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the company’s predecessor, Nakajima Aircraft Company (then called Nippon Aircraft). The company was reborn as Fuji Heavy Industries in 1953. Since the 1958 release of the Subaru 360, its Subaru brand has been functioning as its automotive division.

Yoshinaga said, “We want to further improve our brand by bringing together our trade name and brand name.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)