Scene of Mazda CX-3 being loaded for shipment (reference image)

Automobile exports increase for second straight month exceeding 400,000-unit mark for first time in 2016; March results

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association has announced its results for March 2016. According to these figures, automobile exports increased 1.8% from the previous year to 404,004 units, resulting in a surplus for the second year in a row.

As for the vehicle classes, exports of passenger cars grew for the 10th consecutive month as it climbed 3.6% to 349,627 units. Amongst passenger cars, regular cars increased 1.3% to 325,563 units for a second straight surplus, compact cars climbed 51.5% to 23,477 units for a sixth consecutive surplus, and mini cars grew 10.8% to 587 units for its first surplus in four months.

Truck exports dropped 9.0% to 42,286 units, resulting in a deficit for the ninth month in a row, while exports of buses fell 6.1% to 12,091 units for a forth-consecutive decline.

A breakdown of the destinations shows that exports remained fairly unchanged in Europe with 64,912 units, while double-digit increases were recorded for North America and Asia with 13.4% to 160,941 units and 21.7% to 55,501 units, respectively.