New Honda Civic Sedan

Honda US sales up 9.4% in March at 130,000 units sold

At the beginning of April, American Honda published its US new car sales figures for the month of March. Total sales were 138,221 units. This represents 9.4% year-on-year growth and marks the 2nd month of growth.

For Honda brand passenger cars, the Accord sold 30,523 units. This represents 17.3% growth and marks the 2nd month of growth for the model. The Fit sold 4,771, marking 28.1% decline and its 9th month of decline. The Civic saw 21.8% growth at 32,855 units due to the introduction of a sedan model at the end of 2015. This marks its 7th month of growth.

For light trucks including SUVs, pickups and minivans, the flagship CR-V sold 26,730 units. This represents 3.2% year-on-year decline and marks the 2nd month of decline. The Pilot mid-sized SUV saw 11.3% decline at 10,593 units, marking its 3rd month of decline. The Odyssey minivan saw 0.7% growth at 11,224 units, marking the 2nd month of growth. The HR-V, which was introduced in May, 2015, sold 6,398 units.

For the Acura brand, the new TLX sport sedan sold 3,768 units. This represents 9.9% growth and marks its 5th month of growth. The ILX sold 1,554, the same number of sales for last year’s March.

The MDX SUV, which underwent a model change in 2013, saw 25.7% decline at 4,088 units, marking its 14th consecutive month of decline. The RDX sold 5,310 units, which represents 34% growth and marks the 4th month of growth.

Honda’s 2015 US new car sales grew 3% over the previous year at 1,586,561 units, setting a new record. Sales for the first quarter of 2016 (January to March) showed 7.1% year-on-year growth at 357,703 units. American Honda’s senior vice president Jeff Conrad said, “We will continue to strengthen both our car and truck lineups throughout the year, with new core and niche products to further extend the brand’s appeal.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)