Denso Harmonious Communication Cockpit

2016 Beijing Motor Show: Denso to present futuristic “cockpit” for 1st time in China

Denso will hold an exhibit at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show to introduce its wide range of products and technologies that focus on safety, security and friendliness to the environment.

For Denso’s safety and security, the exhibit will debut the Harmonious Communication Cockpit. Its features include an overhead display that shows information above the front windshield, an “active footrest” that alerts the driver when the vehicle moves out of its lane, the “Harmonious Illumination” that lights up on the upper part of the instrument panel with information such as nearby obstacles, and electric mirrors that show when there are obstacles near the rear of the vehicle. The idea is to allow visitors to experience the future of human and machine communication.

On the environmentally-friendly tip, the exhibit will show a video describing Denso’s approach to creating a more sustainable society from the four points of view of “Improving Engine Efficiency,” “Improving Air-Conditioner Efficiency,” “Accelerating the Spread of Electric Vehicles,” and “Using More Efficient Energy through Microgrids.” To show these concepts in concrete terms, it will display its Idling Stop System, gasoline engine direct-injection system, diesel engine common rail system, and EV/HEV parts.

The 2016 Beijing Motor Show runs from April 25 to May 4.