Honda Research Institute's senior research engineer Kiyoshi Shimizu

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell: Developer says US leases to outpace Japan’s

Honda senior research engineer Kiyoshi Shimizu says the company hopes to introduce the new Clarity Fuel Cell FCV in the US sometime from the fall of 2016. The model was unveiled in March.

He was speaking to the press April 18 at a test drive event held at the company’s headquarters in Wako, Saitama Prefecture. Honda had planned to release the Clarity Fuel Cell sometime in 2016, but it appears that it may be earlier.

Originally, the US was going to see the same lease as Japan. However, the company is now reconsidering. Japan is set to have 200 units leased in its first year, and now the plan is for the US to have slightly more.

Regulations for car makers to control harmful emissions are tightening in places like California. Following the release of the Toyota Mirai in 2015, it is expected that US automakers will be rolling out FCV models in the coming years.

(Translated by Greg Scott)