Toyota Camry for US

Toyota recalls Camry and Avalon in US over passenger seat sensor defect

Toyota Motor Sales USA issued a recall on April 13 for two models, the Camry and Avalon.

The recall is due to a defect in the passenger side seat sensors. These sensors automatically detect whether the person sitting in the seat is an adult or child. This allows it to deflate the appropriate airbag type in case of an accident.

According to Toyota Motor Sales USA, a defect in the sensor’s construction could prevent the sensor from functioning. If this happens and the wrong airbag is deflated, it could cause injury.

The recall is for 2016 models. It applies to 41,630 Camrys and 16,880 Avalons sold in the United States for a total of 58,510 cars.

Toyota is contacting the affected drivers and the sensor software is being exchanged at dealerships.

(Translated by Greg Scott)