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Lexus beats BMW and tops US luxury car sales in March

The top three brands in the US luxury market are Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. According to March US new car sales figures for the three brands, Lexus beat BMW by a narrow margin to take top place.

The Lexus brand’s March US new car sales totaled 30,198 units. This is 2.8% less than the previous year’s March sales. Of the total, passenger cars were 13,632, which represents a 14.4% decline. Light trucks including SUVs were 16,566, a year-on-year increase of 9.5%.

For SUVs, a major draw was the new NX, which was up 24.8% over the previous year with 4,533 units sold. The RX had a new model introduced and its sales were up 5.1% at 9,637, marking the 3rd straight month of year-on-year growth. The luxury LX was up 45.7% at 424 units sold.

BMW’s March new car sales in the US totaled 30,033 units. This is down 12.5% from the previous year. Of the total, passenger car sales were down 24.2% at 20,616 and light trucks including SUVs were up a significant 32.4% at 9,417 units.

For passenger cars, BMW’s 2 Series saw 28.6% growth in sales at 1,606 units. The 7 Series saw 16.1% growth with 850 units. The X3 flagship SUV saw very favorable 190.5% growth at 4,476 units. The X1 also saw significant growth, up 131.6% with 3,145 units sold. X4 sales grew 15% at 689 units and X6 sales grew 8.2% at 635 units. The X5 saw a 17.6% decline in sales at 3,617 units.

Mercedes-Benz’s passenger car brand saw a total of 28,164 US new car sales in March. This represents 5.9% year-on-year decline. The C Class saw a dramatic 12.8% drop at 6,658 units. The CLA dropped 28.3% units at 2,242 units.

On the other hand, the brand’s SUV sales were favorable. The flagship GLE was up 17.6% at 4,730 units. The compact GLA was up 15% at 2,205 units. Sales of the classic G Class grew 2.6% at 349 units. Both the GLK and its successor the GLC saw significant 96.6% growth at 4,871 units.

These sales figures show Lexus US sales surpassing BMW in March for the 2nd month. However, the difference between the two competitors was only 165 units. It’s expected that the stiff competition for the US market will increase.

(Translated by Greg Scott)