Suzuki Swift

Suzuki’s “world strategic model” achieves five million units in global sales

Suzuki Motor Corporation announced that as of early April, total global sales of the Swift compact hatchback have reached the five million-unit mark. This milestone-setting feat comes 11 years and five months after the second-generation Swift was released back in November 2004.

Since its release, the Swift has received several Car of the Year Awards in Japan and around the world and has been rated highly for its stylish design and sporty and enjoyable ride.

Produced in Japan, Hungary, India, China, Pakistan, Thailand and other regions till now, the Swift has been a globally recognized “world strategic model” that has been widely accepted in India and other developing countries as well as in developed markets such as Japan and Europe.

Since its release in 2005, sales of the Swift have grown steadily in India with the introduction of its diesel and sedan models, accompanying the expanding market and economic boom in the country. Currently, the Swift is the top-selling Suzuki model in India, selling approximately 430,000 units or around 30% of total annual sales in India.

The five million units of global sales comprise 54% in India, 17% in Europe, 10% in Japan, and 19% in other markets.