Honda Vezel for China

Honda China new car sales up 14.8% at 97,000 for March

On April 6, Honda published its China new car sales figures. Total sales in China were 97,004 units. This represents a 14.8% year-over-year increase and marks the second straight month of growth.

In China, Honda operates two joint ventures, Dongfeng Honda with Dongfeng Motor Company and Guangqi Honda with GAC Group. Dongfeng Honda’s March sales were 41,291 units, a year-over-year increase of 19.3%. This makes its 11th month of increase. Guangqi Honda sold 55,713 units, an 11.6% increase that makes the 2nd month of increase.

Guangqi Honda sold 11,861 units of the Fit, which marks a year-over-year increase of 18.1% and a 3rd month of increase. The Accord sold 7,608 units, a 33.9% decrease that marks the 3rd month of decrease. The Crider sold 8,466 units, a 13.4% decrease that marks the 3rd month of decrease. The Odyssey saw an 11.1% decrease at 4,196 units sold, marking the 2nd month of decrease. The Vezel, which was released in fall 2014, saw a significant 87.8% increase at 14,572 units.

For Dongfeng Honda, the Jade compact MPV sold 3,777 units. This is a year-over-year decrease of 28.2% and marks the 8th month of decrease. The CRV saw a 6.3% decrease with 12,888 units, marking the 2nd straight month of decrease. The XR-V, which is a newly introduced Dongfeng version of the Vezel, saw an increase of 40% with 2,656 units sold.

Honda’s 2015 China new car sales were 1,006,332 units, an increase of 32.5%. It was a record-setting year in which sales surpassed a million for the first time. The company’s goal for 2016 is a 6.3% increase at 1,070,000 units.

(Translated by Greg Scott)