TOYOTA T_Site home screen

Toyota Industries Corporation introduces a telematics service for forklifts

Toyota Industries Corporation launches telematics service for forklifts: “TOYOTA T_Site”, across all 40 Toyota L&F operations.

The “TOYOTA T_Site” service gathers data from all of the sensors equipped on a forklift and uses a tailored communication system to provide that information – including run times and operating ratios – to customers. Digitizing this operational data helps companies manage safety at transport sites, improve productivity, and lower costs.

In many facilities where forklifts are used, the decreasing availability of skilled operators and clamor to improve the working environment are changing the industry, increasing the need to improve safety management, increase productivity, and lower costs. The telematics service targets precisely these needs.

With this service, each customer has access to real-time information such as the status of the vehicle and driver, the amount of time they have been driving, the operating ratio, and battery capacity. To get to this current digitization system, Toyota analyzed some of the data that had been stuck in the know-how of local facilities managers or disappearing without ever having been measured. They put this data to use making vehicles more efficient, streamlining driver route patterns, driving down logistics costs, and making the distribution hub a better place to work.

They have also devised a way to track and report back the number and severity of vehicle accidents, assisting with safer management of forklift use.

TOYOTA T_Site service is now an option for the electric Geneo-Ecore compact forklift that was released last October. From there, Toyota plans to expand the service vehicle by vehicle to all of its load-moving models.