Mazda CX-3

Mazda’s global production up 8.1% to 129,848 units for fourteenth consecutive surplus; February results

Mazda Motor Corporation announced its results of production and sales for February 2016. According to these results, global production increased 8.1% from the previous year to 129,848 units, resulting in a surplus for the fourteenth month in a row.

Led by the popular CX-5, CX-3 and Axela, domestic production grew for the ninth consecutive month as it climbed 11.7% to 86,721 units. As for overseas, production increased for the 23rd month in a row as it grew 1.5% to 43,127 units led by the success of the Axela.

Due to a decline in demand for mini cars as well as the Demio and CX-5, domestic sales dropped 12.8% to 21,611 units, resulting in a deficit for the fifth consecutive month. Mazda’s registered vehicle market share fell 0.5 points to 6.5%.

As a result of increased shipments to North America, Europe and Oceania, exports grew for the sixth month in a row, rising 22.9% to 67,053 units.