Acura's 2016 model line-up

Acura brand celebrates 30 years with deep roots in the USA

On March 17, Honda’s luxury Acura brand celebrated its 30-year anniversary.

The Acura brand was launched on March 27, 1986. Honda developed the brand for the North American luxury car market.

In February 1996, Honda opened the first local production facility in East Liberty, Ohio, to produce models for the Acura brand. The first model to be built there was the Acura CL Coupe.

Since then, Acura has produced a total of over 2,600,000 passenger cars and SUVs in North America. Total sales in the United States, including exports to Japan, have reached 4,200,000 units.

According to Acura, over half of its US sales over the past 30 years have been cars produced in North America. The company says that in 2015, over 98% of its total sales were cars built in the US.

Honda of America Manufacturing COO Tom commented, “Acura was born in America 30 years ago and its U.S. roots run very deep with many significant vehicles developed and built in this region.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)