100 New & Diverse Business Firms in fiscal year 2015

Denso included in top 100 New & Diverse Business Firms, promotes women activities & employment of PWDs

On March 17, Denso announced that they have been selected as part of the top 100 New & Diverse Business Firms in fiscal year 2015 (awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry).

Denso established a new full-time organization called DP-Diversity Promotion Office in 2014, in which they consider the promotion of diversity as one of their important business strategies. Crossing over from divisions, they have been promoting activities for various human resources. They were highly evaluated and selected for intensifying the utilization of female employees as well as promoting activities for female employees that support the formation of their career, and having initiated the employment of persons with disability (PWD) for a long time.

As for activities for their female employees, they aim to appoint 100 female managers by 2020, and assertively conduct forums for female employees and superiors, and career training for young employees. Furthermore, in addition to their trial attempt of implementing morning shifts that endorse early in and early out, and improvement of work-life balance pertaining to their mobile work activities, they also launched initiatives for home planning of their male employees, such as paternity leave, reappointment preparation seminars and the like.

As for their PWD employees, they began employing PWDs in 1978, and they support the growth of more accessible work for their PWD employees by conducting full support systems such as sign language, and encouraging PWD employees to participate in Ability Olympics. Moreover, in Denso Taiyo, Denso’s special subsidiary established in 1984, they conduct independent production activities through thorough impediment removals and introducing facilities that correspond with individual disability.

The top 100 New & Diverse Business Firms was launched by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in 2012, and it recognizes companies that improve their corporate value by making efforts in promoting activities for diverse human resources through a diverse management. They have selected 141 companies in the past three years, and they selected 34 companies for the fiscal year 2015.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)