Toyota President Akio Toyoda and Daihatsu President Masanori Mitsui

Daihatsu to conduct organizational reform, strengthens ties with Toyota towards becoming wholly-owned subsidiary

Daihatsu will implement an organizational reform starting April 1, 2016 towards becoming Toyota’s wholly-owned subsidiary.

There will be major changes in Daihatsu’s corporate duties as they set out to become Toyota’s wholly-owned Subsidiary this coming August 2016. They will be constructing a system for the establishment and evolution of the Daihatsu brand, as well as business promotion and project materialization of Toyota Group’s compact car field.

Specifically, they will be implementing a tight coordination system with Toyota for the three unit systems: ‘Corporate,’ ‘DNGA,’ and ‘Branding;” as well as a speedy and compact management system focused on strengthening the function plans of the top management.

In the corporate unit, Daihatsu will be establishing a Corporate Planning Center that designs the mid-to-long-term main strategies of the entire Daihatsu Group; a Technology Development Center that aims to promote the development of advanced technologies that would conform with their strategies; and a Management Center that conducts the promotion of management function efficiency and short term company business management.

And then, the DNGA unit will act as the counterpart of Toyota’s TNGA, and it will be in charge of manufacturing original Daihatsu cars. They will reorganize the development, supply, production, and customer service offices towards a speedy implementation. They aim to manifest Daihatsu’s original value within Toyota Group through DNGA.

As for the Branding unit, they will be establishing the D Brand Office, which will implement consistency of products, operations, and sales of the Daihatsu brand in Japan and overseas, and the Project Promotion Office, which will promote cooperative industry projects and the development of developing countries.

And as newly-appointed board members, they will call on the expertise of Boltz President Sunao Matsubayashi, Akashi Kikai Industry President Noriyoshi Matsushita, Daihatsu Kyushu Executive Vice President Yoshifumi Kishimoto, and Toyota Executive Vice President Shigeki Terashi.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)