Conceptual diagram of water separation with a photocatalysis sheet

NEDO develops photocatalysis sheet that produces hydrogen from water

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) announced that it has developed a mixed powder photocatalysis sheet that uses two types of powder photocatalysis to create hydrogen from water using solar power.

Developed together with the Artificial Light and Synthetic Chemistry Process Research Association (ARPChem), Tokyo University and TOTO, it can achieve a solar energy conversion efficiency of 1.1%.

When the seat is submerged in water, mere exposure to sunlight breaks the water down into hydrogen and oxygen. It was designed to supply low-cost hydrogen to a wide area.

It also carried out process development aimed at application and succeeded in creating a coating for the seat that used a mass-producible screen printing method.

The results were published on UK chemistry website “Nature Materials.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)