Nissan Qashqai and March

Qashqai becomes highest-produced Nissan vehicle in Europe

On March 9, Nissan Europe announced that the Qashqai has become the Japanese automaker’s highest-produced car for the European market.

The Qashqai made its debut in 2007 as Nissan commenced production of its first model at their Sunderland Plant in the UK. It became a popular selling vehicle with over 1.75 million units produced at the UK plant. It was sold under the name, Dualis for the Japanese market.

The current second-generation Qashqai was launched in November 2013. As of the end of February 2016, over 640,000 units have been produced at the Sunderland Plant.

According to Nissan Europe, first- and second-generation Qashqai models produced locally in Europe combined for a total of 2,398,134 units as of late February. As a result, the Qashqai has become Nissan’s highest-produced vehicle in Europe by surpassing the 2,368,704 units of the Nissan Micra (the March, in Japan).

The Qashqai reached its production volume of 2,398,134 units in less than a decade. Nissan Europe said, “Within a short span of 10 years, the Qashqai is the first vehicle to reach the 2 million unit mark in the history of the British automotive industry.”