Subaru Forester (2016 North American model)

Subaru sales up 1.6% to 42,000 units for highest-ever results in February

On March 1, Subaru of America announced its sales results for February 2016. According to the figures, the total sales volume increased 1.6% from the previous year to 42,011 units. This is a record high for the month of February and a surplus for the 51st month in a row.

The top-selling model was the Forester, which was remodeled in spring 2013. Sales of the Forester grew 6.8% yoy to 12,239 units, resulting in the highest sales ever for February and a surplus for the third consecutive month. This was also the 31st straight month that its monthly sales have exceeded 10,000 units.

Meanwhile, Subaru’s other leading model, the Outback (the Legacy Outback, in Japan) recorded 11,952 units, as this was a record high for February as well. For the Outback, this was a 2.8% increase yoy and its first surplus in two months. Sales of the Legacy (the Legacy B4, in Japan) sedan grew 2.6% yoy to 4,454 units for a third consecutive surplus.

Sales of the Crosstrek (the XV, in Japan), which was released in September 2012, dropped 4.3% yoy to 6,129 units for a second straight deficit.

Moreover, the WRX series including the WRX STI recorded 2,380 units. This was a 0.9% increase yoy and its first surplus in two months. Sales of the Impreza, excluding the WRX, fell 8.2% yoy to 4,432 units as it fell below its results from the previous year for the second month in a row.

Subaru’s annual sales grew 13.4% yoy to a record-high 582,675 units in 2015, resulting in a surplus for the seventh consecutive year. Subaru of America’s President and COO Thomas J. Doll said, “Subaru vehicles continue to be recognized by the press and public alike for their reliability, value and safety ratings.”