Subaru Global Platform

FHI reveals next-generation platform, to adopt it from the next-generation Impreza

On March 7, 2016, Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) revealed the outline of the Subaru Global Platform, which they will pursue in developing products as a next-generation platform.

The Subaru Global Platform is a base technology that organizes next-generation Subaru cars together with horizontally-opposed cylinder engines, symmetrical AWS and the EyeSight system. It actualizes a new and high quality performance with the enhanced rigidity of its body and chassis, improved suspension mechanism, pursuit of a lower ground balance, and sensitivity range ahead of its performance and specifications. Specifically, it materializes a direct running performance, eliminates uncomfortable vibration noise, and exudes a high dimension ride quality, thoroughly polishing its Subaru-esque dynamic material feel.

As for safety, they constructed a frame that enables efficient energy absorption during collision, adopted high tensile steels, and improved the intensity of its body frame. By making its collision energy absorption ratio 1.4 times higher than the existing cars, they can achieve the world’s best collision safety performance. FHI can develop all types of their automobile products through one platform design concept, including their correspondence with future electric-based systems, and consequently increase their production efficiency. Their ‘bridge production’ that produces several car types in each of their two production lines in Japan as well as one production line in USA will become easy. It also materializes a flexible production system globally.

The Subaru Global Platform will be introduced in the market in 2016 and will be first applied to the next-generation Impreza, and hereafter, FHI plans to adopt this platform to all Subaru automobile products as their proprietary development.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)