Photo of Li-ion battery

Large-scale secondary battery global market for next-generation environmental cars to exceed 6 trillion yen by 2025, Fuji Keizai

Fuji Keizai conducted a study on the global market of large rechargeable batteries for next-generation environmental automobiles, and compiled the results in a written report, entitled 2016 Future Outlook of Energy, Large Scale Secondary Battery, and Materials 2016; Next Generation Environment and Automotive Field Edition.

According to the results of the research, the 2015 market is estimated to increase by 74.9% to 1,094,300,000,000 yen compared to 2014. The percentage for EV has increased significantly due to China’s increasing demand for EV trucks and buses, among other things. As of now, the Japanese demand is largely comprised of HVs and PHVs, but the demand for PHVs mainly in North America and Europe is expected to increase, and in 2025 it is estimated to reach to 6,364,900,000,000 yen, 10.2-fold compared to 2014.

Looking at battery types in particular, the percentage of EVs and PHVs equipped with Li-ion batteries (LiB) is overwhelmingly high. Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries (NiMH) are currently being equipped in many HVs, but since HVs equipped with LiBs are gradually increasing, the demands for NiMH batteries will reduce in 2025. As for Lead-Acid battery demand, the ISSV over micro HVs has been greatly increasing, so they are also expecting the demand for micro EVs, even though it is just a small scale market. Electric double layer capacitors (EDLC) are currently being adopted in electric trucks and buses in China.

As for region-based demand trends, the percentage of demands in China and USA is high. Particularly, the production of electric automobiles, electric trucks, and electric buses in China has rapidly expanded, and the demand for LiBs has been greatly increasing. The LiBs are mainly used in the USA for Tesla EVs equipped with high-capacity battery packs.

Hereafter, they are expecting the rapid increase of demand in Europe, USA and China. The demand for LiBs for EVs and PVs in Europe and the USA are greatly expanding, and it is being expected that the LiB market for EVs in the USA will exceed 1 trillion yen by 2025. The demand for EVs and PHVs are also mainly increasing in China, and it is expected that there will be a great increase of demand for electric trucks and buses compared to other regions. Currently, NiMH and LiBs are mainly used for HVs in Japan, but it is expected that the demand for LiBs for PHVs would increase more in the future. Furthermore, Japan leads in the popularization of FCVs, and they mainly equip low-cost NiMH batteries.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)