Nissan's President & CEO Carlos Ghosn

Nissan’s President Ghosn against the UK leaving the European Union

On February 24, Nissan Motor Corporation released a statement regarding its view on the UK’s possible departure from the European Union (EU).

The EU referendum on whether or not the UK will leave the European Union will occur on June 23 and London Mayor Boris Johnson has been under the spotlight for his announcement in support of a “leave” vote. With its Sunderland plant located in the UK, Nissan has strong ties to the region and is monitoring the situation carefully.

While this matter is ultimately in the hands of the British citizens to decide, Nissan believes that it makes sense for the UK to stay within the EU from an employment, trade, and cost point of view.

Moreover, President and CEO Carlos Ghosn stated, “Our preference as a business is, of course, that the UK stays within Europe – it makes the most sense for jobs, trade and costs. For us, a position of stability is more positive than a collection of unknowns.”