Sky Bath Meeting

Lexus to exhibit baths in the Tokyo Tower viewing platform providing excellent hospitality

Lexus will exhibit a bath produced by Kundo Koyama and designed by Kengo Kuma. Called the “Sky Bath Meeting,” the event will be held at Tokyo Tower Observatory on March 4.

In today’s modern age, Lexus is seeking a suitable Luxury and continues to hold creative activities. The TV program “A Map for Excellent Quality – Grand Atlas” is a special project that ventures into a continuous journey to look for excellent quality that meets Lexus’ ideals.

Kundo Koyama, the project leader, is focusing on “baths,” which has the potential to be a world-class Japanese cultural practice. A bath will be installed in the 150-meter Tokyo Tower Observatory to popularize this culture. In charge of the design of the bathroom is international architect Kengo Kuma. Kengo Kuma’s point of view is that baths are a “way of hot water” that is disassembled, reconstructed and sublimated.

The ultimate experience of hospitality called the “Sky Bath Meeting” will be held by Lexus at the first floor of the Tokyo Tower Observatory from March 4 to 31. The winner will be given a special bathing experience scheduled on March 4.

(Translated by Aileen Bolo)