Honda's President Takahiro Hachigo

Honda’s President Hachigo targets electrified vehicles to comprise two-thirds of overall sales

On February 24, at a press conference held at Honda Motor Company headquarters, President Takahiro Hachigo announced the automaker’s intention to have plug-in hybrids (PHV), hybrids (HV), and zero-emission cars such as fuel-cell vehicles (FCV) and electric vehicles (EV) comprise two-thirds of Honda’s global automobile sales by around 2030.

Consisting mainly of hybrids, Honda’s sales of electrified vehicles in 2015 were in the 230,000-unit range, which accounted for 5% of the automaker’s overall unit sales.

President Hachigo explained, “By 2030, PHVs and HVs will comprise at least 50% while zero-emissions such as FCVs and EVs will make up about 15% of automobile sales around the world.” He also stated that Honda will “position plug-in hybrids at the core of electrification in the future… and make a plug-in hybrid type available for major models and increase the number of models sequentially.”