Mitsuoka UK Showroom

Mitsuoka aims to enhance vehicles with old-fashioned appearance & latest equipment meant for European market

Mitsuoka Motors will exhibit the Himiko at the London Motor Show in May 2016, after signing an exclusive sales agreement with T W White & Sons last year meant for the British and Irish market.

Mitsuoka Development Department Head Takanori Aoki explained the reason why they will be exhibiting models at the London Motor Show. “Since we really want to sell these products in England, we signed an agreement with our general agent in England and we will launch these products at the London Motor Show.” Mitsuoka is currently shipping several units of the Himiko (English name: Mitsuoka Roadster) to England, and they are currently working on matters for registration including inspections for certification.

Regarding their sales in England, Aoki said, “England is the pioneer in modernizing classic cars. At first, we felt inferior with exhibiting our products in England.”

But in fact, he added, “There are no cars in England that looks this old but are equipped with the latest parts as of the moment. The British customers said they did not have this kind of car in England until now.” Furthermore, he enthusiastically said, “The cars are all old-fashioned (for cars with similar designs), and since its maintenance is also difficult, we were a little bit surprised that England has accepted Mitsuoka cars in their country. Moving forward, we will be developing old-fashioned cars that have up-to-date equipment meant for the European market.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)