Mitsuoka Roadster (Himiko in Japan)

Mitsuoka to hold first display at this year’s London Motor Show

Mitsuoka has announced that it will hold its first booth at the London Motor Show, which will be held from May 5 to 8 this year.

The last motor show to be held in London was the British Motor Show in 2008. With 8 years having passed since the last show, it’s expected that there will be a very good turnout.

Mitsuoka will hold its first London Motor Show exhibit this year in collaboration with T W White & Sons, with whom it has signed an exclusive sales contract for the UK and Ireland market. It will display the Mitsuoka Roadster, which was released in the UK in June 2015, and the Mitsuoka Butte.

Depending on the reaction to the Butte at the show, Mitsuoka is considering the possibility of releasing it in the UK as well.

(Translated by Greg Scott)