VanTech Lunetta (2016 Camping Car Show)

2016 Camping Car Show: VanTech to integrate excellent quality into kei camper cars

The 2016 Japan Camping Car Show was held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba from February 11 to 14, where VanTech exhibited the Lunetta, which was based on the Suzuki Every.

VanTech developed the ZIL series, a truck-based cab-type camping car, and the Corde Rundy series, a luxury camping car.

Among the exhibits is the Lunetta, a camper based on a kei car. Maximizing the Every’s square cabin, VanTech equipped the Lunetta with the newly developed pull-down bed, making this its biggest feature. The bed that is stored in the ceiling can be deployed with a simple press of a button. There’s no problem with its strength or capacity as it may accommodate one adult or two small children. Its passenger capacity is four, and it may accommodate two passengers who would want to take a nap.

It is equipped with furniture that draws a gentle curve, and it has lighting with dimmer control all throughout the cabin, giving it an unbelievable, excellent cabin quality not typical of a kei car.

It is not simply a kei car, but it is precisely a kei car that allows comfortable sleep inside a car to be reveled in. The cushion is made of Teijin V-Lap. This small kei car is equipped with sink and an overhead. Ultimately, the reason behind its full-fledged and elegant structure is VanTech.

The style of the exterior is as usual, and the interior houses a complete camping equipment.

(Translated by Aileen Bolo)