Yamaha SR400

Yamaha Motor forecasts net income to increase 33% to 80 billion yen for fiscal year ending December 2016

Yamaha Motor Company announced their consolidated financial report for fiscal year ending in December 2015. At the same time, they also posted their forecast of business result for the fiscal year ending December 2016. Due to the increased growth investment, the operating income this fiscal year is forecast to be 120 billion yen, a figure that remains at the same level as last year’s.

Yamaha projects to deliver 585,000 motorcycle units this fiscal year, an increase of 12%. Yamaha aims to increase delivery to Asia, its major market that includes Indonesia, up 14% to 4.89 million units to reverse the 11% decrease due to market deterioration in the first half of the fiscal year.

The operating income is expected to decline 10 billion yen because of the increased growth investments in the electric technologies and robot products. The currency exchange, which was a positive note in the previous fiscal year, is expected to become a negative factor this year. Meanwhile, the net income for this fiscal year is expected to be 80 billion yen, a significant increase of 33% in comparison to the previous fiscal year, due to the temporary corporate tax burden in the previous fiscal year.

The operating income in the fiscal year ending December 2015 was up 38% to 120.4 billion yen because of the excellent performance of the marine business segment. Yamaha Motor began implementing their medium-term management plan until the fiscal year ending December 2018, wherein they are aiming to have 180 billion yen of operating income in December 2018.

President Hiroyuki Yanagi said at the press conference regarding the current fiscal year, “Although the unstable situation in emerging markets will not change, we want to proceed with growth investment to secure stable profits.”

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)