Scion was established as Toyota's brand for young consumers.

Toyota to terminate Scion brand after 13 years

On February 3, Toyota Motor Corporation announced that it will discontinue the Scion brand.

Established in the US back in 2003, Scion reached its peak in 2006 when it sold 173,034 vehicles. Since then, sales have been declining and in 2015, Scion sold only 56,167 units.

The average age of a Scion customer is 36. According to Toyota, Scion appealed to the youngest consumer base out of all automakers in the US. During the 13 years since it was established, Scion has sold in excess of one million units and accumulated total sales of 1,092,675 units. Toyota stated that the Scion brand appealed particularly to young consumers as 50% of all customers were 35 or under and it was the first Toyota vehicle for 70% of all customers who bought Scion.

The current Scion lineup will be transferred to the Toyota brand from its 2017 models that will be released in August 2016. Toyota will continue to provide services at its dealerships to current owners of Scion vehicles.

Toyota Motor North America’s CEO Jim Lentz said, “This is not a setback for Scion. It’s an advancement for Toyota.”