Toyota Daihatsu collaborative press conference

Daihatsu President Mitsui says brand’s design foundation different from Toyota’s TNGA

On January 29, along with announcing that Daihatsu Industries would be changed into a wholly-owned subsidiary, Toyota unveiled its strategy to place Daihatsu at the center of its global compact car business. Daihatsu President Masanori Mitsui indicated that it would tackle car production using a different design concept than Toyota’s new TNGA.

About Daihatsu becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary, Mitsui said at a Tokyo press conference the same day, “The Daihatsu brand will continue but will move forward from what it is doing now.”

Regarding its role in the Toyota Group’s global compact strategy, he said, “We will use the know-how we have gained through years of developing compacts as the foundation of what we do to give birth to our own unique ideas. We want this to be the source of our ideas. The focal point is different from that of TNGA, and my opinion is that we should make cars the way only Daihatsu can.”

Hearing Mr. Mitsui’s comments, Toyota chief Akio Toyoda, who was also present at the press conference, called the idea “DNGA.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)