Subaru Forester (2016 North American model)

Subaru FHI records 10.5% growth in exports led by popular Forester in North America; December results

Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) announced its results of production, Japan sales, and exports for December 2015. According to these results, global production increased by 0.4% from the previous year to 75,147 units, resulting in the highest numbers ever for the month of December and a surplus for the second month in a row.

With one less business day than in the previous year, domestic production fell 1.7% to 57,497 units for its second straight deficit. Led by the continuously successful Legacy/Outback in North America, overseas production achieved record-high figures for December jumping 8.0% year on year to 17,650 units for a second straight surplus.

As for Japan sales, the numbers dropped by 1.2% to 13,067 units, resulting in a deficit for the second month in a row. Despite significantly improved results from the overhauled Forester and XV, domestic sales of regular vehicles decreased by 1.2% to 10,522 units due in part to declining demand for the Levorg and WRX which released new models in the previous year. Sales of mini cars in Japan dropped by 1.2% to 2,545 units for a fourth consecutive deficit.

Exports recorded its highest figures for December with a 10.5% growth to 53,455 units and a surplus in back-to-back months. This was due in part to the success of the Forester for North America and the XV for Europe.