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Subaru FHI achieves record highs in global production and exports for fourth consecutive year; 2015 results

Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) has announced its results of production, Japan sales, and exports for the 2015 calendar year (January to December). According to these results, global production grew 5.6% from the previous year to 938,553 units, resulting in record-high figures for the fourth year in a row.

Due to Subaru’s plants operating at higher than standard levels throughout the year, domestic production increased 2.0% to 709,749 units for a fourth consecutive surplus. This growth was led by an increased demand for the Outback in Europe and Australia as well as the Impreza and Crosstrek for North America. Higher numbers were also recorded for overseas production as it grew 18.5% to 228,804 units, resulting in a surplus for the second year in a row. The popularity of the Legacy and Outback, which were fully remodeled in 2014, contributed to this increase. Both domestic and overseas production figures were the highest ever.

Japan sales of Subaru automobiles declined 4.3% to 162,252 units, falling below its results from the previous year for the second straight year. As a result of supply constraints, registrations of passenger vehicles fell 2.0% to 123,984 units but sales orders were solid as it exceeded results from the year before. Due to a reactionary decline following the sudden demand during January to March 2014 before the consumption tax hike, sales of mini vehicles dropped 11.0% to 38,268 units for a ninth deficit in a row.

Exports decreased 4.7% to 566,876 units, achieving record-high figures for the fourth consecutive year. This increase was led by the strong performance of the Outback for Europe, Australia, and China, as well as the Impreza and Crosstrek for North America.