Mitsubishi eX concept (2015 Tokyo Motor Show)

Mitsubishi to launch new SUVs in 2017 and 2019, successors of the RVR

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation held a winter test ride event in Hokkaido for the media in mid-January. At the same event, Mitsubishi revealed the lineup for their next-generation SUVs.

At the social gathering held the night before the test drive event, President Tetsuro Aikawa said in his opening remarks, “We have no new cars to show you now.” He said while crouching down, “But if I crouch down now, there just might be a car we can show you six months from now.”

After an engineer gave a technical description of the car, Executive Officer Toru Hashimoto talked onstage about the plans for the next generation models.

“The SUV market will continue to expand in the future. In 2017, we will release a model that will be placed in the upper range of compact SUVs. The successor of the RVR will then be released in 2019, to be placed in the lower range.”

He continued, “Just like the Outlander, these models will have an engine model and an electric model in their lineup. The SUV will have a small, medium, and large models, and each of those will have engine and electric versions, making it a total of six variants. We want these six models to be the pillars of our mid-term lineup. Mitsubishi is aiming to be an enterprise for the world by strengthening its lineup with the combination of SUVs, EVs, and PHEVs.”

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)