Subaru Outback (North American model)

Subaru sets record-high sales in the US, Canada, and Australia in 2015

On January 12, Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) announced that it has achieved its highest ever results for retail sales in the 2015 calendar year (January to December) within Subaru’s major markets of the US, Canada, and Australia.

In the US market, retail sales grew 13.4% from the previous year to 582,675 units, setting record-high numbers for the seventh year in a row as well as recording a surplus for the eighth consecutive year. Subaru’s leading models paved the way toward a successful 2015 as the Forester sold 175,192 units (up 9.5%), the Outback sold 152,294 units (up 9.7%), the Legacy recorded 60,447 units (up 15.6%), and the Crosstrek achieved 88,927 units (up 25.3%).

In Canada, retail sales increased by 10.9% to 46,609 units, achieving record-high figures for the fourth straight year. Similar to the US, Subaru’s leading models led the way as the Forester sold 12,706 units (up 3.3%), the Outback sold 9,992 units (up 15.0%), the Legacy recorded 3,258 units (up 11.4%), and the Crosstrek achieved 8,422 units (up 21.7%).

Record-high figures were also set in Australia for the fourth year in a row with retail sales increasing by 7.6% to 43,600 units. The Outback, which introduced a new model last January, and the Liberty made substantial improvements with 10,927 units (up 344.7%) and 4,097 units (up 298.9%) respectively with the Outback recording in excess of 10,000 units for the first time.