Nissan Vice President Hiroto Nishikawa

We achieved our midterm goal, primarily focusing on growth is next, says Nissan CCO Hiroto Nishikawa about their aspirations in 2016

On January 5, 2015, Nissan CCO Nishikawa responded in a press interview held during the celebratory gathering of automobile industry organizations regarding their aspirations for 2016. “We’ve achieved our midterm goals. Next, we will primarily focus on growth.”

CCO Nishikawa highlighted, “It’s already the final year of the midterm plan. As our goal, we aim to achieve operation efficiency, with 8% increase in units.”

Furthermore, he said, “If we achieve that goal, we can proceed to our next step; the important thing about it is we will be able to strengthen our foundation. We will be working hard for that.”

With regards to achieving 8% of global shares as one of their midterm goals, he explained, “If we take a look at each market, we’d see that some of them have good results and some of them do not. And if the status of the market changes, it would affect the condition of our shares. For example, if the demand in Japan would become higher, it would contribute to the increase of shares in Japan; however, in some cases, it’s not only us who can contribute to that. It is important to have a goal towards our company’s growth, and even though it is very difficult to achieve, we will always keep that as our target.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)