Suzuki to reduce domestic production in early 2016 due to sales slumps

On December 25, Suzuki Motor Corporation announced that it will reduce domestic production from January to March of 2016 as a result of sales lags in both mini cars and motorcycles.

The decline in domestic output consists of 30,000 less mini cars and 10,000 less motorcycles. Forecasts for mini cars and motorcycles have been revised downward to 560,000 and 115,000 units, respectively. Figures for regular vehicles, automobile exports, and OEMs remain unchanged. Suzuki has reduced its projected sales of domestic mini cars by 30,000 units to 540,000 units from its previous forecast as well.

Suzuki’s forecasts for the consolidated operating results for the period ending March 31, 2016 remains unchanged as a result of successful automobile sales in India and Europe.