Nissan develops all-new three-liter V6 twin-turbo engine

Nissan develops new 3L V6 twin turbo engine to be mounted to Infiniti

On December 16, Nissan announced that some Infiniti models will be mounted with the new lightweight compact three-liter V6 twin-turbo engine beginning 2016.

From the existing V6 engine, the new engine has been downsized to 700cc. In addition to optimizing the design of the turbine blades, an all-new turbine speed sensor, an intercooler system, and an electric actuator were also adopted, thus improving its performance, response, and gas mileage.

There are two engine types: one delivers a maximum output of 300hp and a maximum torque 400Nm, another has a maximum output of 400hp and a maximum torque of 475Nm. Compared to the current engine, the 400hp engine offers 6.7% better gas mileage because it adopts two intercooling pumps that effectively manages the temperature during high load.

Additionally, the weight of its core structure is 194.8 kg and it is 14.1kg lighter than the existing engine. The weight of the newly-adopted turbocharger and intercooler (CAC) system is 25.8kg and the overall engine weight is 220.6kg. It is the lightest V6 engine among all mounted in the Infiniti.

Furthermore, it places the catalytic converter in a position closer to the exhaust point by adopting an integrated exhaust manifold. By shortening the path of the hot exhaust, it can be two times faster when heating the catalytic converter than the existing V6 engine. Also, the exhaust that is generated from the engine startup is reduced.

The production for the all-new V6 engine is planned to be conducted at the Iwaki Plant in 2016.

(Translated by Kimberlee Estampa)