President Hiroyuki Yanagi of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Yamaha to invest resources for growth strategy under new medium-term plan

On December 15, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced its new medium-term management plan for the three years from 2016 to 2018. Yamaha will expand its business scale and earnings through their corporate slogan of aiming to become “a unique company that continues to achieve dynamic milestones.”

Consolidated net sales for 2018, the final year of the plan, are targeted at 2.0 trillion yen, which is a 21% increase from the 1.65 trillion yen forecasted in 2015. Operating income has been set at 180.0 billon yen, an increase of 55.0 billion yen or by 44% from the 125.0 billion yen expected for this year. For their global sales of motorcycles, Yamaha is forecasting a 33% increase to 7 million units. Moreover, with the consolidated operating income margin set at 9%, Yamaha has established a solid profit structure.

At a press conference held in Tokyo, President Hiroyuki Yanagi announced that based on its business expansion by 2018, Yamaha will invest in resources for its new growth strategy. During the three-year period, 60.0 billion yen and 70.0 billion yen will be invested for its growth strategy and research and development, respectively. President Yanagi stated that he would like to see the investment placed on R&D for multi-wheeled (three- and four-wheelers) vehicles and robotics.