The Alto Lapin receives grand prize award

The reason why the Suzuki Lapin was chosen for 2015-2016 Auto Color Awards

The Japan Fashion Color Association (JAFCA) organized the Auto Color Awards. They conducted presentations and judging sessions in the Yokohama Museum of Art on December 12, and the Suzuki Lapin was awarded with the grand prize. Suzuki has been awarded with the grand prize for two years in a row now since they also received the grand prize for the Hustler last year.

Three Lapin units with three coordinated color patterns were included in the entry. The three units were emphasized not for each of their designs, but for the Lapin Lineup Exhibition. These are the following combinations for their interior and exterior parts:

・Exterior: French Mint with three tones; Interior: Greige interior with camel seat fabrics
・Exterior: Coffret Pink with three tones; Interior: Geige interior with beige seat fabrics
・Exterior: Phone Beige with three tones; Interior: Greige interior with brown seat fabrics

According to the judges, the reasons why it has been awarded with the grand prize are as follows: “The lifestyle of the consumers can be seen through the color designs,” “The feelings of the color designer have been enlivened through its every detail and constructed a world view,” and lastly, “It daringly challenged the limit of colors used in automobiles until now, and it’s excellent that it was able to implement such combinations.”

The designer in charge for this model is Rie Hirai from Suzuki’s Automobile Design Department Color Division. She said, “As a color designer, I had been consistently proposing three to four years ago since the planning of this product. I was very happy that our company has given us the sympathy, and we were able to apply this design release this model. And I’m having even greater happiness that we’re able to achieve this evaluation from outside our company as well.”

Regarding this design, Hirai explained, “We’re considering the simple keywords ‘warmth’ and ‘pleasantness’ as a worldwide view in creating cars that can make anyone feel naturally great. I thought we might be able to satisfy our clients by offering them products wherein they can choose personalized products with even just a few differences added.”

Even though we have the same worldwide view, the reason why we produced three variants was to give it a little difference in terms of style, and it became the point for evaluation. Further, she mentioned that the reason why it has lighter colors was because it should also express a color that would make girls become fond of it.

For example, as for the Coffret Pink, she said, “Rather than bright things, women would prefer colors that beautifully express their skin and other calming things.” She used nail polishes with nearly 100 colors as a sample for this. Since the consumers will ride in it, they completed its coordination. And so as not to exclude male consumers, they chose unisex colors.

Aside from the grand prize awarding, two companies also received special awards. First, the Mazda CX-3, which has a Ceramic-Metallic exterior and a Pure White interior; the others are the Yamaha MT-25, the MT-07, the MT-09, the MT-09 Tracer having a color combination of Matte Silver 1 and Race Blue.

The CX-3 expresses a fine ceramic material that has both a sense of translucence and hardness. Its mysterious feeling and fascination were evaluated as, “Its whiteness shines in brighter places, and it looks solid gray in darker places. Further, there are also times that it looks like matte.”

On the other hand, Yamaha was evaluated for having a will in designing its sports motorcycles with the Race Blue color to establish its brand’s image. These vehicles are evaluated based on the so-called CMF (color, material ,and finish), and now, graphics are also included, making it CMFG.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)