Toyota Prius

New Toyota Prius: Denso releases illumination system especially for the new Prius

Denso has developed special the Drive Support Illumination lighting system for the new Toyota Prius. The new system uses lights and colors to communicate driving information to drivers in a way that’s convenient and easy to understand. Drive Support Illumination is being sold as a dealer option at Toyota dealerships across Japan.

Drive Support Illumination uses a light system on the top of the meter hood to show drivers various types of information. Shift position and hybrid system indicator status are shown while driving through colors and LED lights. Using the system, the driver can take in essential information easily without looking away from the road.

The system tells the driver various other things as well as driving conditions. Lights switch on and off when the car is stopped at a traffic light and a white dot LED light signals that doors are opening or closing.

This is the first time light indicators and driving illumination has come as Toyota OEM parts. Developed especially for the meter hood of the new Prius, it puts together good design and performance that’s a perfect fit for the new Prius.

(Translated by Greg Scott)