Blitz Roadster

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon: Blitz to exhibit six custom cars mounted with aero parts and new products

Blitz will exhibit its six custom cars on 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon for three days, on January 15-17, 2016.

The six custom cars are equipped with original Aero parts and new products. They will exhibit the Roadster fitted with bolt-on turbo and full aero kits, the new Prius mounted with Damper-ZZR and aero kit, the Vellfire outfitted with full aero kit and the new Damper-ZZR BB, a wide-body version of the 86 Wide, the S660 Spec C circuit concept, and the RC200t equipped with carbon lip spoiler and Damper-ZZR.

Blitz will also be exhibiting their products in addition to the vehicles mounted with the Damper ZZ-R BB, a shock absorber that balances driving performance and styling. Other exhibits include the Power Thro, a throttle controller that raises the power level, the Protocol exclusive for the 86/BRZ, the VSC Cut, the Touch B.R.A.I.N Multi-Display OBD Reader for the 86, and the TV-Navi Jumper (which allows passengers to watch TV and use the navigation system while travelling).

(Translated by Charmaine Apple Silagan)