Mazda CX-5's AWD

Mazda aims to exceed 2WD with AWD’s fuel consumption

Mazda revealed on December 11 that they aim to exceed the 2WD version of the same model with the fuel consumption of their very own AWD technology (four-wheel drive).

On the same day, the developer-in-charge clarified this matter at the technology seminar held in Mazda’s Hokkaido Kenbuchi Proving Ground. The fuel efficiency difference of the AWD and the 2WD systems is generally over 10%. Mazda began equipping the newly-developed i-ACTIV AWD in 2012, and it reduces the weight by 43% more than the existing system, making for better fuel consumption together with its running performance.

The fuel consumption (in JC08 mode) of the CX-5, a 2.2L diesel car that has the same system, is 18km/L. Since its same engine with a 2WD system has a 18.4km/L fuel consumption, it only has a 2% difference. Mazda applied the newly-developed AWD in five main models for Japan, from luxury cars to compact cars, last summer 2015.

Hereafter, they plan to improve the same system further. Mazda Drivetrain Development Department Assistant Manager Yasushi Yagi, who is in charge of developing this technology, mentioned, “We want to work hard in exceeding the exceeding 2WD system by applying this fuel consumption in the near future.” Moreover, he also said that they want to take the challenge in improving its mode fuel consumption based on the nationwide-based inspection. The AWD can control energy loss more than 2WD through the driving condition, so it enables better fuel efficiency.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)