2015 Japan Car Of The Year small mobility category winner Suzuki Alto

2015 Car Of The Year: Suzuki Alto series wins in small mobility category

On December 7, the 2015-2016 Japan Car Of The Year winner was announced. The winners for the small mobility category were the Suzuki Alto series.

The winners were the Suzuki Alto, Alto Turbo RS and Alto Lapin. The new Alto is 60kg lighter than the previous model. The front-wheel drive manual transmission version is 610kg. The sports grade Alto Turbo RS puts out 47kW (64ps) with 98Nm torque and is equipped with specially tuned suspension and brakes, and a special front seat. The transmission is robotized MT AGS. The Alto Lapin is specially designed to target women.

The reason for the picks? “These models have earned a reputation for excellence because of their stunning and original kei car design. They offer many technological advantages such as their newly developed platform, light body weight and smooth 2-pedal AMT. Their ease of use offers a huge merit that further boosts their appeal.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)