2015-2016 Japan Car Of The Year (JCOTY) winner the Mazda MX-5

2015 Car Of The Year: Award goes to Mazda again, this time for the MX-5

The final screening and ballot count was held for the 2015-2016 Japan Car Of The Year in Tokyo on December 7 and the car that got the most votes this time was the Mazda MX-5.

The JCOTY takes 45 nominees and from them, selects 10 to be the 10 Best Cars. It then selects the best model based on the appraisal of the Japan Car Of The Year committee, which is made up of car critics, journalists and general experts.

At the beginning of the final screening, it was between the Mazda MX-5 and the Honda S660. After a minute of counting ballots, the MX-5 was leading by 20 votes. At the second minute of counting, the lead had widened to 36 votes but the S660 was still hanging on. However, the MX-5 held onto the lead and won. Mazda won last year as well with the Demio.

Here is the reason why the MX-5 won:

“As a lightweight sports car with a clear concept that delivers enthusiasm and a spectacular driving performance that anyone can appreciate. Since its introduction in 1989, it has continued to pursue driving pleasure for 26 years. Mazda’s approach to working hard to create a real car culture is the reason it has achieved such a great reputation.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)