Honda N-BOX

Honda N-BOX tops mini car sales for November

The Japan Light Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Association announced its sales ranking of mini cars for the month of November. According to these results, the Honda N-BOX finished on top for the 11th consecutive month with 14,035 units (up 6.8%).

The Daihatsu Tanto was the runner-up with 10,957 units (down 31.0%), and the Nissan Dayz finished in third with 10,695 units (up 10.8%). The top 3 vehicles all ranked in at the same spot as last year.

The top 10 sales ranking of mini cars for November is as follows (difference from previous year in brackets):

1st: N-BOX (Honda) 14,035 units (up 6.8%)
2nd: Tanto (Daihatsu) 10,957 units (down 31.0%)
3rd: Dayz (Nissan) 10,695 units (up 10.8%)
4th: Cast (Daihatsu) 9,172 units
5th: Move (Daihatsu) 7,827 units (down 3.4%)
6th: Alto (Suzuki) 7,556 units (up 4.3%)
7th: Wagon R (Suzuki) 6,969 units (down 57.0%)
8th: Mira (Daihatsu) 6,615 units (down 37.6%)
9th: N-WGN (Honda) 6,597 units (down 23.8%)
10th: Hustler (Suzuki) 5,702 units (down 32.1%)