Subaru Forester (US model)

Subaru sets new sales record in the US for seventh year in a row

On November 30, Subaru of America announced that it has achieved a new sales record in 2015 for the US market.

In 2014, Subaru sold 513,693 units in the US. This was a 21% rise from the year before and record numbers for the sixth year in a row.

As of the end of November, the automaker’s sales in the US have topped its record figures from 2014. With one month left in 2015, Subaru has already set a new record for the seventh consecutive year.

Leading the way was the Forester, Outback (the Legacy Outback, in Japan), and the Crosstrek (the Impreza XV, in Japan) with over 350,000 units of these three models being sold this year.

Subaru of America’s President & COO, Thomas J. Doll said, “We are delighted to be celebrating yet another record. Our continued growth is built on strong products and outstanding retailers providing a great customer experience.”