Mazda Roadster

All-new Mazda Roadster wins JAHFA Car of the Year

The all-new Mazda Roadster and its development group was granted the 2015-2016 Japan Automotive Hall of Fame (JAHFA) Car of the Year award. The awarding ceremony was held at Mazda’s Tokyo office last November 27. Following the RX-8, which won the 2003-2004 Car of the Year, this is the third time that Mazda has won this award.

Shibaura Institute of Technology Honorary President Yasuhei Oguchi is the chairman of JAHFA, a nonprofit organization. Each year, JAHFA selects the best passenger car and its development group, and grants them the annual Car of the Year award.

The Roadster was awarded the Car of the Year because of its sophisticated open-top sports car design, its lightweight and highly rigid body that delivers outstanding performance and excellent fuel consumption, and the evolved SkyActiv technology.

During the ceremony, Masamichi Kogai, president and CEO of Mazda, said: “The all-new Roadster was granted with such a prestigious award. We are very delighted that everything we stand for in car manufacturing was recognized. Mazda will continue to build cars that brighten people’s lives. We aim to become the one and only brand for our customers, a brand they will choose again and again.”

(Translated by Charmaine Apple Silagan)