2016 Toyota RAV4

Toyota to build RAV4s in two factories in Canada starting 2019

On November 10, Toyota Motor Corporation announced that the company will start producing the RAV4 in the Cambridge North Plant located in Ontario, Canada starting 2019.

Currently, RAV4 is produced at the Woodstock factory in Ontario, Canada. Starting in 2019, the RAV4 will be produced in two factories in Canada.

Furthermore, the Cambridge North Plant is currently producing the Lexus RX. The RX was the first overseas production car for Lexus. Toyota will produce the RAV4 in two factories in Canada, making it the core production base of SUV in North America.

They will not only produce the RAV4 gasoline car in the Cambridge North Plant but hybrid cars as well.

Toyota North America CEO Jim Lents commented, “The RAV4 and the RAV4 hybrid are good products. The RAV4 is a leader in this fast-growing division in the North America auto industry.”

(Translated by Aileen Bolo)