Isuzu GIGA (reference image)

Isuzu revises FY2016 forecast upward due to successful sales of pickup trucks overseas

On November 6, Isuzu Motors Ltd. announced its FY2016 first-half (April to September, 2015) consolidated results.

According to these results, net sales amounted to 971.0 billion yen (up 10.1% year on year), operating income was 86.2 billion yen (up 11.9% yoy), ordinary income was 98.6 billion yen (up 16.5% yoy), and net income was 53.1 billion yen (up 7.0% yoy).

Total sales for the first-half of FY2016 were 254,496 units (up 5.0% yoy). Domestic sales declined slightly by 3.0% to 34,460 units, while sales overseas grew by 6.4% to 220,036 units thanks to its continued success of pickup trucks exported from Thailand.

Operating income increased by 11.9% due to sales growth overseas and the favorable effect of the interest rate.

Moreover, Isuzu has revised their consolidated FY2016 forecast upward as a result of successful sales and profit, which have exceeded expectations at the mid-term point. The revised forecast includes net sales of 1.96 trillion yen (up 10.0 billion yen from previous forecast), operating income of 183.0 billion yen (up 8 billion yen), ordinary income of 198.0 billion yen (up 10.0 billion yen), and net income of 120.0 billion yen (up 10.0 billion yen).

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)