Honda self-driving car (2015 Honda Meeting)

2015 Honda Meeting: Honda unveils latest self-driving technology, issues encountered when self-driving over 100km/h

Honda conducted the 2015 Honda Meeting, a technology demo and observation for the media. During the launching of the latest technology for observation, the self-driving technology has gathered a lot of attention.

According to the staff in charge of the self-driving test, you will start the car by first recognizing the surroundings through the outdoor sensing and confirming the location of the car, then deciding which goal track (line, speed) will you take through an action plan, and actually passing the line by operating the vehicle. Honda has already been conducting verification tests for self-driving cars in the highways of Detroit in USA in 2014, and in Shuto Expressway Bayshore Route, Tokyo in 2015.

This time, I was able to test drive at the ‘Goal line trace car operation’ for the ‘car operation,’ which is third in the necessary elements for self-driving. We test drove the Accord Hybrid. It is outfitted with all types of sensor and antenna, and you can activate the self-driving function with only one button attached in the steering wheel. At the test course, the line where the test driver drives beforehand was being recorded, testing whether it could follow accurately (when tracing).

The test driving lasted for approximately three minutes, and it was driven with a maximum speed of 110km/h. Rather than saying its movement was similar to that of sports driving, I could say it was done with appropriate cornering. It didn’t have any awkward movements despite quick handling and immediate acceleration and deceleration, and it followed the lines accurately.

The test driving proceeded further without significant problems; there was only one group who drove out of the course while cornering. When it was driven back, now operated by a driver, the staff in charge stated his assumptions as to why it did not turn accurately, “They might have driven over the required speed.”
The test driving was resumed after the maintenance and inspection within a limited course, but the unit that got away from the line even though it was set beforehand has left many issues about the self-driving car.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)