Mitsuoka Tokyo Showroom

Mitsuoka opens renovated showroom with whole new design

Mitsuoka Motors renovated its Mitsuoka Tokyo Showroom in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward and it reopened on October 24.

The concept behind the new design was to create a place that was fun and relaxing. It’s meant to be a space where people lose track of time admiring the cars on display. The scheme is ivory and black, and the design is reminiscent of materials used to make cars like metal, wood and leather. It’s a space that’s both sleekly designed and also warm.

The wall at the entrance presents a concept board that tells the Mitsuoka story, from its vision and beginnings all the way to the present day. The interior is designed by the same Mitsuoka designers who create its car designs and concepts, so it includes the same kinds of decorations and spirit.

The redesign was done to prevent the showroom, which opened in August, 2001, from getting stale and to offer visitors a more satisfying experience. To commemorate the renovation, Mitsuoka held the Renewal Open Fair on October 24 and 25.

(Translated by Greg Scott)