Nissan to adopt 100 units of humanoid robot Pepper to its stores

Nissan Motor Company and Softbank announced the adoption of 100 units of the humanoid robot Pepper to Nissan stores starting November 2015. This is the first time in the world for an automaker to adopt Pepper in its stores.

Nissan will also equip their developed exclusive application for the Pepper for Biz that will be adopted in Nissan stores. Upon meeting customers, Pepper offers various services such as the explanation of products through a tablet installed in its chest area, and entertainment features for children.

Pepper robots will be fully adopted in breastfeeding rooms, spacious kids’ spaces, and the Ladies’ First Shop for women. Through adopting Pepper, Nissan aims to offer a friendlier service, and they also plan to expand this type of service to their other stores.

On the other hand, Softbank managed all the several applications for the Pepper for Biz, and also offers the Pepper for Biz Platform that can accumulate customer service information and can be used for marketing. Moreover, it completely supports the Pepper robots in Nissan stores from its adoption to its usage, including WiFi services and default settings.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)